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I have decided to rebrand this blog, which we abandoned after a class project and try to revive it into something cool.  I have no idea how much time I will have for it when classes start back up, but, I figured why not…yes Amy you silly girl you already have another blog that you never update (as it is).  The reason is, I feel like I outgrew it a little, or just fizzled out with it.

wagontrainEventually I will merge this blog with my other blog and maybe rebrand the other blog into Rogue Spirit if I like where this goes but for now I will just have some fun with it and see if I can make use of it.  The challenge is to make it worth reading and lets face it, everyone and their mom is a blogger and/or a photographer.  Easy to do, hard to do well!

Why have I added a picture of a wagon train?  I don’t know.  I find it interesting, have you ever stopped to think about how crazy and hardy early pioneers were? When you do, you appreciate them, and I feel like our area still carries a little of that spirit from back then. Not just the crazy part either! 🙂

Anyway, what I am really trying to say is I am going to use this blog for my own personal something and maybe it will be worth merging into my main blog.  I hope you find this an interesting place to stop by and read once in a while!



Find Your Place: Musings from the Bear Creek Greenway — Hike and Go SEEC!

In the summer, insects drone loudly beneath a thick canopy of riparian vegetation and ripe blackberries, while white fluff falls like snow. The future of Black Cottonwood trees along Bear Creek is certain. My wheels whir a harmony with the insects and the breeze down by the water is refreshing, a meditation to combat the […]

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The Twelfth Night or What You Will At OSF.

20160529_131226-1By Amy Molthan

Written by William Shakespeare in 1601, this adaptation takes place in the glamour of 1930’s Hollywood. What do you get when you put 400 year old themes and characters into an era over 300 years later? You get a flirtatious, witty, glamourous version and learn that the human condition never changes.

Follow famous movie stars, producers, comedians, the help, and others on a hilarious good time through the human condition of love, loss, and always plots to win love, revenge, and happiness.

I had not previously seen The Twelfth Night and because of this cannot compare it to a performance of the original, but I can draw conclusions of how they would be different. The Count is a powerful movie producer. The Duchess a movie star. The servants are still servants.  The Jester, a comedian and performer. Of course, it all feels a bit odd as they will refer to them still as the count and the duchess and such.  The set and clothing are all very glamourous and fun.

I would like to say that I wish I had seen the play performed traditionally before so that I had a better understanding or grasp of the story, although I got it all, it is like listening to 400 year old prose, then translating into modern English, then trying to apply it to the 1930’s characters in context.  I felt I was a pretty good interpreter but it was difficult for me in a few scenes!

Despite my personal challenges, I realize many others will have no problem at all, and either way I do recommend seeing the play as it was very fun and entertaining!

SLIGHT SPOILER PARAGRAPH: They handling of the reveal of the twins was very fun and clever, but I will not mention what it is. The finale was grand and glittering and fitting for the end of a spectacular show in the 1930’s. It was delightful and fun!




You Are Propelling People-Power Victories over Nestlé! | Story of Stuff — Our Green Nation

With our climate changing, how we manage our water has never been more important. In a primary election vote, ordinary people in Hood River County, Oregon stepped up and showed us how powerful citizen changemaking can be. For nearly a decade, Nestlé Waters has been attempting to gain access to water from the publicly-owned Oxbow Springs, […]

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May 21 and 22 at Lithia Artisans Market

This would be a great stop to make during the weekend. Head over to the Lithia Artisans Market in Ashland Oregon. Take a look first hand at what’s going on in Southern Oregon! We’ll see you there.


Mabrie Ormes, Fine Artist, Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland, LAMA. Here showing along the wall. Mabrie Ormes, Fine Artist, Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland  (LAMA). Here showing along the wall often referred to as “Mabrie’s Wall”. The wall will soon have a big scenic mural of our sister-city, Guanajuato, Mexico.

We have 31 artisans signed up to show this coming weekend at the Lithia Artisans Market. This weekend the market will feature hemp clothing, pottery, leather work, body care products, stone and wrought metal jewelry, photography, woodwork, fine art, hats, pressed flower art, copper work and much more. Come by and see what the local artisans have been busy creating in their workshops here in the Rogue Valley.

Open Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5

Located along Ashland Creek on a meandering walkway known as Calle Guanajuato, behind the plaza buildings in downtown Ashland, Oregon.

Die hard street artisans are hoping the rain holds off so we can enjoy a market day. We have had lots…

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Places to Visit in Southern Oregon

Why Visit the Applegate Wine Trail? from Applegate Wine Trail on Vimeo.

Southern Oregon is full of new and beautiful places to explore. If you enjoy a good glass of wine, beautiful scenery, or even just the serenity of sitting outside in peace, there are numerous different wineries for you to visit. They’re all closer than you might think.

The Applegate Wine Trail is one of those places for you to experience all of those things.

Take a day and visit some (or perhaps many) of the different wineries nestled out in the Applegate Valley. This video allows you to visually experience some of the scenery and will hopefully grow the craving to experience it first hand.

Visit the Applegate Valley Wine Trail page and find more information about what it has to offer you.

4 Oregon Shakespeare Festival Plays

2016 Oregon Shakespeare Festival Playsmasthead-twelfth-night-746x420

The 2016 Oregon Shakespeare Festival features 11 amazing plays this season! Read on to find out about these 4 plays you can’t miss out on!  Keep in mind there are 7 other wonderful plays such as Vietgone, Roe, Hamlet, RIchard II, A Winters Tale, Timon of Athens, and The Wiz that you may read all about here.

Twelfth Night

  • February 19 – October 30, 2016
  • Angus Bowmer Theatre
  • By William Shakespeare | Directed by Christopher Liam Moore

Viola who disguises herself as a boy out of necessity finds herself in Illyria, a strange place that she feels is full of eccentric and romantic types. But trouble begins when the woman her employer sent her to woo falls for her instead! It will of course eventually be sorted out after much confusion, consternation, and consideration they explore the often contradictory matters of the heart. This  comedy by Shakespeare has been set in the rollicking good time of the 30’s.

Great Expectations

  • February 20 – October 30, 2016
  • Angus Bowmer Theatre
  • Adapted by Penny Metropulos and Linda Alper | From the novel by Charles Dickens | Directed by Penny Metropulos | World Premiere Adaptation

Little Orphan Pip is raised by his ornry sister and her kindly husband, Pip helps an escaped prisoner one night, then is mysteriously summoned by the mysterious Miss Havisham to help set his life on an awkward journey of young love and preparation for a lifetime of laboring.  Just as he feels his course is set he is sent to London to live be transformed into a gentleman by an anonymous donor.  Has his life dreams come true? It is a wonderful tale of relationships, the heart, and the lessons of life choices in this new OSF adaptation.

The River Bride

  • February 21 – July 7, 2016
  • Angus Bowmer Theatre
  • by Marisela Treviño Orta | Directed by Laurie Woolery | World Premiere

Helen is not looking forward to her sisters wedding to the man who was supposed to have been hers, but just a few days before the wedding a strange man is pulled from the river.  He brings the promise of an attractive and possibly dangerous future to both sisters.  Set in a small town in Brazil, this story blends amazon folklore and lyrical storytelling to the matters of love, grudges and change.

The Yeomen of the Guard

  • February 24 – October 30, 2016
  • Thomas Theatre
  • Music by Arthur Sullivan; libretto by W.S. Gilbert | Adapted by Sean Graney, Andra Velis Simon and Matt Kahler | Directed by Sean Graney | World Premiere Adaptation

Unrequited love, prison break, and plots running wild around one central question, how can you prove a man’s innocence in  24 hours.  Set to classic country music! A rich comedic operetta by  Gilbert and Sullivan. This play is deeper emotionally than other by this duo.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, please visit OSF to read about the other rich and wonderful plays available this season, and most of all enjoy your experience!

By Amy Molthan