The little blog that wants to be…

CupsI’ve decided that writing something has got to be better than continuing to write nothing. Heck, I still don’t have a topic or a title! So, “why would anyone want to read it?” Thinks the reader. I will tell you, they probably don’t! At any rate it has far less to do with anyone reading it and more to do with just getting something out on a page for once. You see, I have all these wonderful excuses about why I cannot seem to find the time to write.

Today I will write, even if it’s about me not worrying, even realizing it is not an all an attractive thing to write  about our even remotely interesting to read. It is my public self-shaming. I promise I’ll write more; then I have school and work and all of those things in life, and I chose to not write because it’s easier to browse Instagram.

😂 now I can tell a little story. This blog isn’t really sure what it wants to be. What’s the point? If it will be more of my thoughts I might as well just go write it on but that blog is old and even less updated. Plus I did it for myself not anyone else. This brings the question, do we really ever blog for others? Well sure we do. I just need to decide what this blog is going to offer others. I would love to cover community and arts but the fact is that I don’t have the connections, time, and someone else does that. I love nature and hiking, but someone does that better. I like theater but again I am not an expert there either! So for now, I repost others great posts for your amusement.

Hang in there with me! I will figure this out! 🙂 I am a little busy the next 6 months writing my Masters Thesis, so just to be clear I am writing (just not on my blog).

I do plan to post a series about adventuring in Oregon. I had a great trip to the remote town of Agness in Oregon last month that I will tell you all about! But, for now, I have to go to work! 👍




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You’re about to get a glimpse into the secret world of baristas and latte art. It’s Tuesday and Halloween TNTs are coming up quick! “TNT” stands for “Thursday Night Throwdown,” which is barista-speak for a latte art competition. In cities around the country, baristas from different coffee shops come together to “throw down,” that is, […]

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Fleeting Instances: A Conversation with Street Photographer Lignum Draco — Discover

Lignum Draco is the pseudonym of a street photographer based in Sydney, Australia. You might recognize his candid portraits, guest photo challenges at The Daily Post, and images of the Sydney Opera House. We recently had the chance to ask Lignum about his inspiration, his favorite photographic techniques, and his pseudonym. What draws you to […]

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7 Tips for Making Time to Write — A Writer’s Path


by Kelsie Engen Is there not enough time in the day to write? Or do you simply not know how to make the time? It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to discuss our writing insecurities again. And what’s worse, this Wednesday is already a week into the month! (How does time go by […]

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On the Beauty of Hands — The View from Here

As a musician I have always been highly attuned to hands. They are miraculous to me in their ability to convey both technical and musical prowess on an instrument, to create, to soothe, to work, to care for, and to love…So many facets. I am especially drawn to the hands of very old people, as […]

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The Twelfth Night or What You Will At OSF.

20160529_131226-1By Amy Molthan

Written by William Shakespeare in 1601, this adaptation takes place in the glamour of 1930’s Hollywood. What do you get when you put 400 year old themes and characters into an era over 300 years later? You get a flirtatious, witty, glamourous version and learn that the human condition never changes.

Follow famous movie stars, producers, comedians, the help, and others on a hilarious good time through the human condition of love, loss, and always plots to win love, revenge, and happiness.

I had not previously seen The Twelfth Night and because of this cannot compare it to a performance of the original, but I can draw conclusions of how they would be different. The Count is a powerful movie producer. The Duchess a movie star. The servants are still servants.  The Jester, a comedian and performer. Of course, it all feels a bit odd as they will refer to them still as the count and the duchess and such.  The set and clothing are all very glamourous and fun.

I would like to say that I wish I had seen the play performed traditionally before so that I had a better understanding or grasp of the story, although I got it all, it is like listening to 400 year old prose, then translating into modern English, then trying to apply it to the 1930’s characters in context.  I felt I was a pretty good interpreter but it was difficult for me in a few scenes!

Despite my personal challenges, I realize many others will have no problem at all, and either way I do recommend seeing the play as it was very fun and entertaining!

SLIGHT SPOILER PARAGRAPH: They handling of the reveal of the twins was very fun and clever, but I will not mention what it is. The finale was grand and glittering and fitting for the end of a spectacular show in the 1930’s. It was delightful and fun!




Review: 4.48 Psychosis at The Royal Opera House — gilded mirrors

Philip Venables’s opera of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis was absolutely breathtaking. Quite literally. As I left the theatre I felt myself take a deep breath – as if surfacing from water – such was the immersive and completely all-consuming nature of this piece of opera. Unlike Katie Mitchell’s production of Cleansed, this piece did not contain […]

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608 Melos / Song — helvetiadigital

Melody comes from late XIII century., derived from the Old French melodie which is “music, song, tune” In XII Century, from Late Latin melodia, and before then, from Greek meloidia “a singing, a chanting, choral song, a tune for lyric poetry,” from melos “song, part of song”.

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