The little blog that wants to be…

CupsI’ve decided that writing something has got to be better than continuing to write nothing. Heck, I still don’t have a topic or a title! So, “why would anyone want to read it?” Thinks the reader. I will tell you, they probably don’t! At any rate it has far less to do with anyone reading it and more to do with just getting something out on a page for once. You see, I have all these wonderful excuses about why I cannot seem to find the time to write.

Today I will write, even if it’s about me not worrying, even realizing it is not an all an attractive thing to write  about our even remotely interesting to read. It is my public self-shaming. I promise I’ll write more; then I have school and work and all of those things in life, and I chose to not write because it’s easier to browse Instagram.

😂 now I can tell a little story. This blog isn’t really sure what it wants to be. What’s the point? If it will be more of my thoughts I might as well just go write it on but that blog is old and even less updated. Plus I did it for myself not anyone else. This brings the question, do we really ever blog for others? Well sure we do. I just need to decide what this blog is going to offer others. I would love to cover community and arts but the fact is that I don’t have the connections, time, and someone else does that. I love nature and hiking, but someone does that better. I like theater but again I am not an expert there either! So for now, I repost others great posts for your amusement.

Hang in there with me! I will figure this out! 🙂 I am a little busy the next 6 months writing my Masters Thesis, so just to be clear I am writing (just not on my blog).

I do plan to post a series about adventuring in Oregon. I had a great trip to the remote town of Agness in Oregon last month that I will tell you all about! But, for now, I have to go to work! 👍




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