Happy Autumn!

first-day-of-fall-2016As I look out at the first day of Autumn and enjoy the changing colors in the cool air I realized that I forgot my blog!  Oops!

It rained today for the first day of fall and it really marked the fact I had not wrote anything I planned to this summer. I  really meant to actually write blog posts over the summer, you know, while I had the extra time because I only had work and school was out but clearly I did not do this. 😕

No sense in looking back and feeling regret for something that I didn’t do, it is completely pointless. Instead, I will endeavor to get a new post out as often as I feel that I can, no guilt, no promises,no pressure. I want to enjoy this blog, and I want others to enjoy it. In order to do that I should probably use it!

I really enjoyed my summer here in the Rogue Valley and planned on writing up my little adventures for others to explore, well,  it occurred to me that I can still do that and it will give you something to plan for your next year’s adventures.


I love fall. I can’t wait for warm bowls of borscht and other healthy soups. Mmm.  I have always loved this season, it’s so golden and cozy. It reminds of my favorite time of each day, dusk.

There is something soothing about the close of a day. I don’t know what it is exactly about dusk,  but it’s special and comes with this feeling of nostalgia. Like when you were a kid and you knew you only had a few minutes left to play before heading inside for the day and had to make it count. When you were a teen and it was hanging out and driving around with friends free and alive with the whole night ahead of you. As a young adult when work was over and you could change gears and relax or hang out with your friends and family and even now when you can go home and unwind and have some relaxing “you time” or cook dinner with the family and share the day. I just love dusk, it is like the signal another day has passed, you have accomplished things and who knows what will happen tomorrow! A time to reflect with a heart of gratitude of what has passed and what is yet to come.

Fall is equally magical to me, the golden warm colors, spicy warm smells, crisp cool air, family time, warm cozy homes and the holidays. It is a time of harvest and family. A time to hold what you have dear and celebrate with your loved ones what you have accomplished and will accomplish. A time to share special moments and memories and even give them gifts from the heart. Oh and of course Halloween, a time to act like a kid again, who doesn’t love a little dress up and fun?

I hope you enjoy this first week of Autumn as you head back to school or into another holiday season!

I am headed out to hike the gorgeous Rogue river Inn Agness, Oregon with my eldest son this weekend to celebrate fall!


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