Here or there or anywhere!

I have decided to rebrand this blog, which we abandoned after a class project and try to revive it into something cool.  I have no idea how much time I will have for it when classes start back up, but, I figured why not…yes Amy you silly girl you already have another blog that you never update (as it is).  The reason is, I feel like I outgrew it a little, or just fizzled out with it.

wagontrainEventually I will merge this blog with my other blog and maybe rebrand the other blog into Rogue Spirit if I like where this goes but for now I will just have some fun with it and see if I can make use of it.  The challenge is to make it worth reading and lets face it, everyone and their mom is a blogger and/or a photographer.  Easy to do, hard to do well!

Why have I added a picture of a wagon train?  I don’t know.  I find it interesting, have you ever stopped to think about how crazy and hardy early pioneers were? When you do, you appreciate them, and I feel like our area still carries a little of that spirit from back then. Not just the crazy part either! 🙂

Anyway, what I am really trying to say is I am going to use this blog for my own personal something and maybe it will be worth merging into my main blog.  I hope you find this an interesting place to stop by and read once in a while!


Find Your Place: Musings from the Bear Creek Greenway — Hike and Go SEEC!

In the summer, insects drone loudly beneath a thick canopy of riparian vegetation and ripe blackberries, while white fluff falls like snow. The future of Black Cottonwood trees along Bear Creek is certain. My wheels whir a harmony with the insects and the breeze down by the water is refreshing, a meditation to combat the […]

via Find Your Place: Musings from the Bear Creek Greenway — Hike and Go SEEC!