10 ways to make an outdoor concert suck!

10 ways to make an outdoor concert suck!


  1. Do not, I repeat do not drink any water. Especially if the temperature is over 80 degrees.  Sure you will probably start vomiting, maybe you’ll even get a horrible headache to go along with it.  One thing is for sure, you will have a bad time.
  2. Forget to bring any money. You will probably get hungry, thirsty, or want to buy something, but too bad for you.
  3. If its at least partially through part of the day, like festivals, make sure not to bring sunblock if you are fair skinned. That red face will definitely be sexy tomorrow.
  4. Oh, while we are talking about the suns blistering rays, be sure to leave your sunglasses behind because you love roasting your retinas!
  5. Makes sure to wear all black, it will keep you cool, because you will sweat so bad you will be soaking in your own stench.
  6. Drink a lot of alcohol and act like a complete moron.  Yeah your “that guy/girl”.
  7. Lose your car keys, no seriously, just drop them on the ground now so you have no way to get back home.  This is especially fun if you’ve been up all night at a rave.
  8. Participate in illegal activities.  Because if you really want to ruin your night nothing tops it like jail or death!
  9. Bring children. (unless its a child friendly event like the wiggles. And if you going to see the wiggles you’ve pretty much guaranteed yourself a bad time…sorry wiggles.)
  10. Wear flip flops, because nothing ruins a concert like broken toes.

Seriously, concert safe, not stupid.


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