5 Southern Oregon Secrets


As a Southern Oregon Native, there have been many times where I have been lost as to what to do and where to go. Since the area is still growing with a gorgeous landscape, world class wine, and festivals every which way you look, boredom is not a choice! The longer I live here, the more I discover how much I love it and want to tell everyone how wonderful Southern Oregon is. This article will set you up with all of the essentials you will need to find the beauty residing here!

Here are some of the secrets to the beauty of Southern Oregon and what to do while you’re here:

1. Wine, Wine, Wine

It’s ranked as a top ten best wine destination in the world! Southern Oregon is becoming a mini Napa Valley and we can’t complain. See the article below by Wine Enthusiast.


2.The Oregon Cheese & Chocolate Festival

Cheese AND chocolate? This is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

3. Rogue Jet Boat Adventures

Here’s a fun opportunity to soak up beautiful views with the possibility of actually getting well… soaked!

4. Crater Lake

Did you know Southern Oregon is home to the deepest lake in America? That’s right, living and visiting the area puts you near one of the natural wonders of the world. Take a drive up to Crater Lake and snowshoe your way through the scenery or catch a cruise out to Wizard island. You are guaranteed some gorgeous views.

5. Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Founded in 1935, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival takes place in Southern Oregon and draws crowds from around the world. With both indoor and and outdoor theater, OSF boasts an impressive listing of plays you can’t miss if you’re near!


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