Viking Ship Museum — A Jet Set Lifestyle

The Viking Ship Museum located in Oslo, Norway, (outside of the city center) not far from the Kon-Tiki Museum, houses archaeological finds from Tune, Gokstad (Sandefjord), Oseberg (Tønsberg) and the Borre mound cemetery. On display you will find beds, a horse cart, wood carvings, among other items. But the items people most marvel at are the Oseberg ship, […]

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Fringe Festival


What the heck is the Fringe Festival anyway?

The festival is mainly driven to be centered around performing arts. Priding itself on the idea of being ‘weird’, the festival boasts unique content you simply can’t find anywhere else.

The festival encompasses art, live exhibits, music, food, and more. Fringe lasts for just a few short days, but displays countless different artists and exhibitions. If you’re looking for something ‘out there’ and fascinating, coming to The Fringe surely will not disappoint.

The Fringe Festival took place from May 9th – 14th.

Visit their website and Facebook page for more on the action.

The Travel Bucket List — Nomadic Maguire

Everyone has a travel bucket list. A fantasy list of the exotic places they hope to visit one day, grand adventures and stamps in a passport. Hours of daydreaming can be lost to constructing the ultimate list. The mention of a far away land can spark new ideas and for each location crossed off, several […]

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Artist Travels The World Painting Doors In Watercolor — Pixolog: design, art and photography.

While traveling around the world, it is possible to notice one thing – none of the doors are the same. Sometimes extraordinary, outstanding and mysterious doors often are perceived as an opportunity to get into some kind of magical world. Young artist Viktoria Kravchenko draw watercolours of doors worldwide and reminds that doors can also be […]

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Divine Decadence – Some Impressions — Goodbye, Samael

As mentioned before, here are some impressions of the Divine Decadence exhibition. This event still runs until 26 June at the medieval castle of Gaasbeek (close to Brussels). It is organised together with Abbatoir Fermé (a theatre company) and it is just as much a complete experience as a regular exhibition. There is modern and old […]

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Cocktails and colonials — Dr D in Oz

Singapore Slings at Raffles Hotel In the days when social etiquette prevented women from consuming alcohol in public, Raffles Hotel barman Ngiam Tong Boon invented a cocktail disguised as a fruit punch: the Singapore Sling. Having a Sling at Raffles has become a rite of passage for tourists and visitors to Singapore. Although owned by […]

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Scandimania, Dulwich Picture Gallery — Mixtapes and Tea Cakes

There’s something about Dulwich which always surprises me. Its not really London, even if it does sit comfortably in Zone 3. (I know, some of you will say that’s not London at all anyway). I guess the secret is in the name, Dulwich Village. This weekend, in typical village-y style, the local picture gallery hosted […]

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Shakespeare: Crossing Cultural Borders — One Aardvark

Shakespeare’s plays express universal elements of humanity that cross cultural, historical, and artistic borders. This universality allows for Shakespeare’s plays to be presented in different settings and still convey the same human messages as his original plays. This helps viewers to realize that Shakespeare’s messages are timeless, and that the things that could be learned […]

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